The simple-yet-powerful training to plan your next profitable launch with ease 😎

What if I told you...

  • That you could make a 💩-ton of money with your next launch without having to second guess what you're doing when?
  • That you could gameplan your entire launch in just an hour or so? (Like... a solid game plan!)
  • That you could avoid the biggest planning mistake 90% of launches make?

With Launch Blueprint, you can.

What is Launch Blueprint?

Launch Blueprint is a quick but powerful training for coaches, service providers, and course creators who want a solid plan for their next digital product launch that will get them to their desired revenue goals.


Whether this is your first or hundredth launch, Launch Blueprint can help you level up your launch game by showing you a proven timeline to take you from opening your cart to crickets to red hot leads with their wallets out 😍💰


Launching with that kind of interest around your program or service isn't something that just magically happens – it requires a plan.


And I know that plan inside and out because I've generated more than $1million in sales. 


Now I'm mapping that process out from start to finish for you to apply to your own launch, and my goal is to get your entire launch planned out within an hour or so – and for that launch to be your most successful, ease-filled launch to date!

An hour from now, you could have your *entire launch* planned, start to finish 🤓


You ready?

What's inside?


We'll start by breaking down each phase of your launch and what each phase is going to do to help your launch be successful to start putting your launch plan together!


Now we'll get into the timeline of each phase of your launch so you can fully understand what creates and audience who are primed and fired up to buy from you at any price point.


Not sure what to say once your cart goes live? I've got you covered! Get access to templates to help you structure a 5, 7, 10, or 14 day 🔥 cart open sequence.

I’m an Energetic Business Coach & Marketing Alchemist who helps entrepreneurs create financial and lifestyle freedom through scaling a digital product suite.

When I launched my first digital product, I made $37 (it was a $37 product 😅).


The next launch made marginally more – I made maaaaaybe 3 sales?


Then I got intentional about how I was launching.


After that, everything changed. And now I've created Launch Blueprint to share the gameplan I've used to create regular 5 figure launches and more than $1million in sales to help other digital coaches, service providers, and course creators have a solid understanding of how to outline a launch that will actually convert.


Whether you're selling a $17 ebook or a $20k coaching program, in just a couple of hours, you can lay out your next (or first) wildly profitable launch.

The A's to your Q's

Here are a few answers to the most common questions I get!

When do I get access and for long will I have access to this training?

How long will it take me to implement this training?

What's your refund policy?

What if I have question that's not answered here?

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