Imagine closing ~90% of your sales conversations.


That's my life now... but it wasn't always that way.


I've spent years practising and refining how to have a super impactful sales conversion (that isn't salsey *at all*). 


And now I've packaged up the general sales call script I use plus swipe copy for social posts and emails so that you have reference points before, during, and after the sales call and can start building your own high-converting sales process. 

Get your FREE Sales Call Conversion Kit!

This FREE 21 page PDF gives you...

Sales call script

Grab the full template-style script I still use for sales calls so you can adjust my high converting conversions to fit your offer(s) and personality.

Swipe copy

Use my simple yet super effective swipe copy templates to attract leads on social media and follow up with them via email or DM.

Goals + action items

What do you want from your sales conversations and what do you need to do to achieve them? There is space for this included in the kit!

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